Wednesday, June 27, 2012


When DrawSomething came out, I was obsessed with it. Now I never play. I'm kind of an early adopter who loses interest very quickly. Here are my four favorites from when I was playing:

10 Funny Things I Found This Week!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Relics from the Move

Hey, anybody know what these things are? :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thoughts on Juicing

The interesting thing about juicing is that it has changed the way I think about how I eat. While I decided to stop juicing exclusively, I have also decided not to drop it completely. Over the past two days, I have gone from someone who doesn't really eat fruits and vegetables to someone who has had at least 6 whole carrots, 3 beets, 1 cucumber, 4 celery stalks, 1 sweet potato, 6 apples, 1 red pepper, a TON of kale and spinach, tomatoes, a little ginger and a little lemon (all in less than 2 days.)

This morning, I had an apple with peanut butter. A few hours later, I had beet, carrot, and apple juice. No added sugars. JUST the juice from the natural foods. Just now I ate a kale, spinach and tomato salad. I feel great :) Here are some photos of the "food":

Mean Green - Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Lemon, Apples, Ginger
It's hard to believe THIS...

... becomes this. Even harder to believe it tastes great!

Kale, spinach, and tomato salad

I'm not going to say I'll do this forever, or that I'll never have an animal product again, but for now I'm cool with this. I really am going to try to do one more blog post today with funny photos relating to the move :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Juicing - The End!

So... juicing is... not fun at all. Therefore, I'm stopping the fast. I am going to continue to make the juice and am definitely going to eat a lot healthier (more PLANTS!) but juicing for every meal is for the birds. It's too cold! Starting tomorrow, I'm lacing up the running shoes again. I'm better with goals where I actually feel as if I'm actively working toward something. Whether that's good or bad, it's me, and I have to honor goals that are in alignment with who I am and forget goals that aren't in alignment with who I am. So, tonight, I did not have a juice for dinner. I had a spinach and cucumber salad, which is WAY better than the crap I usually eat, so I am still proud of myself :) I'm going to have fun finding healthy recipes and changing my life in a meaningful way through a better diet and more walking/running! At this time last year, I was walking/running my butt off, so let the games begin again :)

Juice Fast Day One

My beautiful friend Christina (whom I will always call Krysia) inspired me to start thinking seriously about my health, as it has been pretty much at its lowest this year as far as my energy level and immune system go. She told me to watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and so I did. And so the juice fast begins!

10 days, nothing but juice, so help me God. Nevermind the fact that I'm job hunting and moving out of the town I have lived in for 10 years this week. I never do anything halfway, do I? The way I see it, if I can get through 3 days, it will be better than if I hadn't done it at all. But I am going to try, with all my might, to finish the whole fast.

3 carrots, 2 apples, a little bit of ginger root, and ice (and it is DELICIOUS and I HATE carrots!)
Later on today, I'll post photos of some things I found while packing for the move. Some of the things are crazy old and some are beautiful and some are just ridiculous. If you love me, you'll love them. If you don't know me, you may still love them. 

See ya later!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Day Down!

Had a great day at home with mom and a great evening at the track with Erin and Molly and a great night in watching Oreo act like a little punk on Dogs In The City with the family.

A weird, yet beautiful sky at the track tonight
Here are the best quotes of the day:

Me: "I'm reading a great book. I'm trying to read more. I decided I was just sick of staring at my iPad."
Erin: "Are you reading it on your iPad."
Me: "I'm reading it on my iPad."
(and I didn't even realize how this sounded until Erin started laughing.)

Me: "Wait until I make you my salsa beef nachos."
Mom: "Are nachos the ones that stand up?"
Me: "Those are tacos."

Dad: "Did you ever go to that PJ Changs?"
Erin: "PF Changs."
Dad: "Oh, I thought you had to wear your pajamas there."

Here's a photo of my mom. As she's smiling for this picture, she's asking me through clenched teeth if she can throw Snoopy away. I say no and I have since rescued him from her death grip.

Erin and Molly at the track
Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random Thoughts Part II

Move update: I woke up at 5:30 am (as per usual) and had accomplished more by 9:00 am than most people accomplish all day. Here are some ridiculous things I found in my kitchen today:

Paul says I do not need this.
I KNOW I don't need these, and haven't since 2006.

Paul ALSO says I don't need this, but that it is  "kinda cool."

The good old days. The photo is from 2003 - no idea when the note is from.

This guy.

I'm leaving most of the menus for the next tenant, but no way am I leaving these here! The one on the top is from 2003.

Operation "Use Everything in the House" is also in full effect. Here's my green bean casserole I made today. Is Smellavision a thing yet? Because it should be. I want a candle that smells like green bean casserole.

Yesterday was an 80s dance party in my house. Today was the same. Favorite selections from today were:
- Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles
- Cover Girl by NKOTB
- Nasty by Janet Jackson
- Faith by George Michael
- Open Your Heart by Madonna
- (at noon, I was actually rickrolled by my own 80s mix)
- Sign Your Name by Terence Trent D'Arby
- Simply Irresistible by Robert Palmer
- Thriller by Michael Jackson
- Casanova by Gerald Levert
- Word Up by Cameo

Had a really great conversation today with a new friend who is coaching me through my career (and, in a very interesting way -- my soul) search. I feel very lucky to have been introduced to him and I honestly see only good things coming my way :)

No zombie photos today -- (sorry.)

Okay, fine, here's one, but I must assure you that this is NOT a photo of me:

I can't let this one go, either. Hangin' Tough, by New Kids on the Block, came on my 80s mix today. It is a TERRIBLE song, but I loved it SO much when I was a kid! Here's the embarrassing video:

I used to insist to my dad that New Kids on the Block would be bigger than The Beatles. I now understand why he always looked at me like I was a frickin idiot. It's because I was one.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Random Thoughts Concerning the Move and the Zombie Apocalypse

1. I am definitely listening to the Ghostbusters theme right now. Not only am I not ashamed to admit this; I'm THRILLED to announce it.  

2. The overriding question of the day is this: How does one acquire THIS MANY PILLOWS?!? 

What did I think I was going to need them for? When the Zombie Apocalypse begins, I will be hiding in my house barricaded in with my pillows. They will never find me. And even if they do, I say BRING IT ON, ZOMBIES... I'm ready.

3. This photo is not from today. I assure you. But I'm not kidding about the Apocalypse. I think the pillows are going to be key. 

4. I spent most of my day packing and then on hold with both the CT and NY Departments of Labor. If you ever want to get an idea of how our government works, make a call to both of these places and ask them to figure something out for you. Good luck. NY hung up on me because the guy I got couldn't speak English and I asked him to repeat the number NINE at least four times. 

5. My clothes suck.

6. In case you haven't noticed, I'm tossing around the idea of chronicling all of my shenanigans on this blog just like I used to do when I was unemployed in 2008/2009. It makes for good material. And let's face it, besides being on hold all day with various Departments of Labor, there's not a whole hell of a lot going on. 

8. What if I promise to make it funny?

9. I can't promise much right now, but I can promise funny. 

10. That pillow photo that I posted... There are more pillows than that in this house. I just can't show all of them because I don't want the zombies to know what they're up against. Yet.

11. Enjoy the antics.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

10 Funny Things I Found This Week

Could this office BE any more oval?

The String Dance: An Illustrated Guide