Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Have You Seen This?

I watched this Louie episode today and just finished reading Bob Lefsetz's take on it here: The Fat Girl Episode

The best parts of Lefsetz's piece:

"So in this “Louie” clip Sarah Baker is so honest that she becomes beautiful, she becomes attractive, because that’s what we’re all looking for, some truth and honesty in our lives.

Instead we get an endless parade of “winners” and lies. As if everybody didn’t put their pants on the same way."


"What kind of ridiculous world do we live in where television is more honest than music? 

One in which the talent wakes up and realizes it’s not a cog in the system and employs its power and insight to go deeper to reveal the human condition. 

I can forget your record in five seconds. 

I’m not gonna forget this fat girl episode." 

Check out the entire Lefsetz piece... it's worth the read.

Can I also say this was a beautiful continuous shot? After all, that's what life is... one long continuous shot. No one's cutting away...

Bravo, Sarah Baker and Louis C.K. Bravo.


Kara Horvath said...

Favorite line - "All this hogwash about preparation. You can't prepare for life, you can't visualize what's coming. Sure, learn math and science, get the basics, but a good life lived well is all about the unexpected."

Happy you blog, happy to know you and be wired the same!

Rashed said...

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