Saturday, December 24, 2011


These are odd choices. Track Santa? Or toss elves?! I chose track Santa. He is currently in Norway. That fat man better get to Connecticut quick!

It's A Wonderful Life

Dare I say it... that this is probably my favorite movie of all time? Not even just my favorite Christmas movie... my favorite MOVIE MOVIE.

They don't make them like Jimmy Stewart anymore. Come to think of it... they never did. He was always in a class by himself, just like Paul Newman was.

When Harry comes home from college and George Bailey realizes he's going to have to stay at the Building & Loan in Bedford Falls so his brother can have the life he's dreamed of, you feel every emotion he feels (and there's a lot of them) as they are happening. That's true talent. Can't say enough about that actor.

I watched the movie again today. Cried again. Dad got chills. The movie is brilliant. I couldn't care less about people who may not think it is. It is. That's the end of it. It's a perfect movie. Like Wall-E. It's the kind of movie you would never change a thing about. It's 65 years old and it makes me laugh and smile and cry every single year without fail.

It also reminds me every year that, even in the midst of so much junk, it really IS a wonderful life. 2011 has been a year filled with hardship -- I mean, more so than most other years that I can remember -- but it's also been a year filled with a lot of laughs, a lot of love, and a lot of wonderful.

Merry Christmas.

(You should also read this blog post about It's A Wonderful Life and Lessons In Manliness. It's a really nice read, and just makes me love Jimmy Stewart even more.)

So funny

I want to be friends with these guys.

Impractical Joke of the Day

Impractical Joke of the Day: The ostensible premise of this prank is to see how many fake shopping list items Greg Benson and Ryan Smith can get through before the Target store employee helping them walks away.

But it seems to me the real challenge here was how long Greg and Ryan could read the nonsensical lists they wrote for each other before they blew the prank by cracking up.

FWIW, they held out far, far longer than I would have.


Look At This Guitar-Loving Dog of the Day

I show this to my parents today and mom says, "Is that Molly?" because every dog that's cute and funny MUST be Molly :) Spoiler alert: It's not Molly.

Look At This Guitar-Loving Dog of the Day

Look At This Guitar-Loving Dog of the Day: Just like people, this jammin' pooch hates it when his favorite song gets interrupted.

[dpaf / thefrogman.]

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nasty Christmas of the Day

This wins the Internet.

Nasty Christmas of the Day

Nasty Christmas of the Day: Jimmy Kimmel follows up his successful Halloween trickery with a Grinchy, Christmas-themed YouTube Challenge to parents: Let your kids open one present early, but make it something crappy.

Spoiled brats! When I was a kid I would have killed for an old banana and a half-eaten sandwich. Kids these days, I tells ya.


Year In Review of the Day

This made tear up.

Year In Review of the Day

Year In Review of the Day: Google's annual Year in Review video is upon us.

See how the world searched in 2011, and maybe, just maybe, leave with a little more hope than you had.


This video proves two things: 1. Boys are mostly idiots and 2. When faced with an epic fail, people will say, "Oh shit."

Lights Out

Lights Out: TwisterNederland sums up the year that was in fails.


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Afternoon Snack

I love these animals! My vote goes to Nana.

Afternoon Snack

Afternoon Snack: The age-old score between cats and dogs is finally settled with a good ol' fashioned trick contest.

So… who won?

[nbc / thanks tipster!]

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OMG! Adorbz of the Day

I'm pretty sure I had this child and didn't realize it! This looks like my day every day.

OMG! Adorbz of the Day

OMG! Adorbz of the Day: Inside every modern, independent, working woman is an adorable little girl named Lua McDowell.


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Slow Motion Video of Dogs In Cars Is Five Minutes of Pure Happiness [Video]

This video will make you smile.

Slow Motion Video of Dogs In Cars Is Five Minutes of Pure Happiness [Video]
I love dogs. I love dogs in cars. They are so happy when they get their heads out of the window and enjoy the wind, the smells and the view. That's why this video made me so happy this morning. More »

Software Reveals the Clanging First Chord of "A Hard Day's Night"

James Struthers: You, Me and Optimus Prime [Video]

Since all I can do is lie down and look at things on the internet, I'll share all my favorites with my 3 readers. Haha. This is my #1 fave right now.

James Struthers: You, Me and Optimus Prime [Video]
I've never listened to James Struthers, or even heard of him. But the Winnipeg, Canada born artist certainly has a knack for self-promotion, virtually guaranteeing that everyone who grew up in the '80s will watch this video. More »

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Owl Pets Dog

I feel like this owl is wearing an American Eagle Fair Isle sweater. No?

Also, he's PETTING a DOG.

Jimmy Stewart Reads a Poem About His Dog Beau

Wow. This is really something. Get the tissues ready, pet lovers.

Love This Girl

Marin, upon arriving at the hospital last night and seeing Steve: "Okay, first of all, you look like the Beast in Beauty and the Beast after the Beast turns into a person.

You sort of have a little bit of a Gaston vibe going on, too.

Also, I've been practicing a quiet hospital voice."