Friday, August 1, 2008

What my teachers said

Since I have ADHD, I am lucky enough to have an entire file outlining what my teachers thought about me. I'm looking through it right now and laughing my ass off. Here are some excerpts:

"Jen's attitude is inconsistent. She tends to be moody on some days and very cooperative on others. She talks too much to her classmates, which is sometimes disruptive."
-- Um, I have news for this teacher. I hated her.

"When Jen gets frustrated, she shuts down!
Claims "I can't get this!"
Has asked to stay for extra help... then doesn't show up!
Said several times she forgot!"
-- Yeah, you use too many exclamation points. You should have been medicated.

"Good, except for a little too much talking and the need to put on makeup in the middle of the class."
-- I'm not kidding. It really says this.

"She should try to become more of a leader. Her talent warrants it."
-- I knew I should have been teaching this class.

From 8th grade:

"A decent year that has seen some moments of difficulty that she has handled with greater confidence as the year progressed. She must remember to seek help when necessary and not dig her own holes of despair."
-- Um, for a minute there I thought he was talking about 2008...

"Sometimes too social, but not to a degree yet that it is a problem."
-- Oh, just you wait!

"Enjoys socializing a little too much. She is concerned about work when reminded."
Oh right... thanks for the reminder. I should probably get a job.

"Jennifer has quit chorus. If she had not quit I would have asked her to leave. She was constantly socializing and she paid little attention to directions."
-- Once someone quits, you can't ask them to leave. Loser.

From 6th grade:

"Occassionally she will get a little silly but it can be controlled."
-- Um, no. It can't.

"Jennifer is very well liked by her classmates and she interacts socially with those in her gym class during each activity."
-- She was very kind. I spent most of the time sitting on the bleachers talking about boys.

"Sometimes she talks or laughs a little too much."
-- everyone should have this problem.

"Jennifer's attitude is positive but her behavior has at times been described by her teachers as silly or distracting."
"She sometimes has trouble controlling her talking."
"Does like to talk quite a bit."
"Tends to socialize too much in class."
"Sometimes she is talkative, but usually settles down."
"She does like to talk, but she usually knows when to stop."
-- the password is... USUALLY


"I think that her enthusiasm is one of her strongest assets. Perhaps we could focus on her energy."
-- God bless this woman, wherever she is.


Anonymous said...

Hey, did you steal these from MY report cards? (well except for that putting on makeup line... I though no one knew about that)

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