Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Filipino Kids Cover "Dance With My Father"

Some warnings:

Do not watch this if you are easily moved to tears.

Do not watch this if you have recently lost a parent.

Do not watch this if you HAVE a parent.

Do not watch this if you are easily moved by a human voice, set to music.

Basically, do not watch this if you still have a heart beating in your chest. 

Because you are going to cry.

You've been warned.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dancing Spiderman

I happened to be listening to It Must Have Been Love by Roxette when I stumbled across this GIF, and I couldn't look away! Then, Alice In Chains's Angry Chair came on (because that's how my iTunes rolls) and Spiderman dances perfectly to that beat, too!! 

.:  (from Imgur)

For an extra special bonus, consider watching Spiderman dance to The Boy Is Mine by Brandy & Monica. He does not disappoint.

Sometimes you just have to bow down before the Internet. This is one of those times.

(Song suggestion addendum: Amish Paradise by Weird Al. You're welcome.)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

This guy...

Ahh, Chevy...

Being the HUGE Community / Christmas Vacation fan that I am, I'm sure I wasn't the first to notice the similarities in these two scenes, but it made my day when, during the Community commentary for S02E13 Celebrity Pharmacology, Chevy says, "I'm surprised I didn't fall through the roof."

Say what you want about Chevy Chase, but he's Chevy Chase... and you're not.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Enjoy the rest...

BIG LOVE - Fleetwood Mac

Incidentally, when YouTube asks me if I want to improve my video's lighting and stability, I always say no. Raw footage is raw footage.

TUSK - Fleetwood Mac

THE CHAIN - Fleetwood Mac

So Afraid

I took this last night -- if you're a Fleetwood Mac fan, sit back and listen. If you're not a Fleetwood Mac fan, shame on you.

Incidentally, halfway through this song, my sister looks at me and goes, "Jen, what's on fire on the stage?" 

Lindsey is...

Landslide -- The Almighty Stevie Nicks

My favorite parts of this song:
1. Lindsey Buckingham's position on the stage, right behind Stevie.
2. The entire audience singing along.
3. Standing next to my baby sister on her 30th birthday weekend as Stevie sings, "But time makes you bolder, children get older, and I'm getting older, too."
4. Lindsey kissing Stevie's hand as he walks away...
These are the moments that stay with you :)

Say Goodbye To You

This is not from last night's concert (my phone ran out of room before the last song) but this is how Fleetwood Mac ended last night's concert. Absolute perfection. I adore these two. Lindsey wrote this song for Stevie about 10 years ago, long after their romance had "ended." Such history... 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Facebook and Mom = always good for a few laughs

Last night, I told my mom that I had just gotten a breaking news alert that they apprehended the Boston Marathon bomber alive. She asked me where I saw that and I told her it's all over Facebook. So a minute or two goes by and I look over at her looking at her phone... 

Me: "Mom, what are you doing?"

Mom: "I'm trying to find information about Boston but all I see is this stupid dog."



Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Your Strength Is Devastating"

"If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself." - Albert Einstein

In the wake of this week's tragedy in Boston, one of my main questions was, "How are people going to talk to their kids about this?" I have asked several parents, and I still don't know the answer. So, now I'm convinced that, even with all the words and ideas that we have collected over the years, all of them fall short, because the truth of the matter is... we might as well all be six years old. We don't understand it ourselves. 

We understand the outpouring of love and affection and we understand the solidarity that we feel with one of America's greatest cities. That's easy. That's what we DO. What we can't see is how someone can have so much hatred in their heart against people that they don't even know... people they have never met... people who are innocently cheering on their heroes on a beautiful day in a gorgeous city.

That's the big mystery. The thing that keeps me up at night. The unanswerable question. There's just no rhyme or reason to what happened. None. So, instead, we find ourselves looking for answers in the response. We comfort ourselves by watching people run INTO danger instead of away from it. We think to ourselves, "People are still good. They have to be. This is proof." 

This image alone is enough to remind me that we take care of each other no matter what. We carry each other. When people try to take us down, we lift each other up. 

I've probably quoted this Springsteen lyric here before -- but here it is again, and this time it's for Boston's first responders, professional and civilian:

"Your strength is devastating in the face of all these odds..."

That's what it is, after all. It's devastating. It's hard to watch footage of that day without a lump in your throat or a flutter in your chest. You watch and wonder, "Would I have that kind of strength? Would I run into the unknown to save someone I've never met?"

I became a certified Red Cross Disaster Action Team member last weekend, two days before the tragic events of April 15th, because I knew a long time ago that I wanted to be a part of the solution. I feel greatly blessed that I currently have the time to devote to a cause much greater than myself, but I still don't know the answer to: "Would I have that kind of strength?" I think we all like to believe we would, but seeing that kind of heroism in action is humbling, to say the very least.

Although many things have changed since Albert Einstein gave us these words of wisdom, wisdom itself never changes. It evolves. It strengthens. It gets passed on as we cling to the hope that we can somehow make things better.

Still, until we can find the words and the ideas to wrap our heads around the events of April 15th, we're all six years old, patiently waiting for someone to explain the world to us. 

Stay strong, Boston. You have our admiration and our love. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sweet Caroline

If you've ever seen a Yankees fan punch a Red Sox fan in a New York City bar, then you know what a tremendous show of support this is!

After 9/11, the Red Sox played New York, New York in Fenway Park to support Yankees fans in their grief.

It really is true that, at certain moments in history, it doesn't matter where you're from as long as you remember that we're all in this together.

When life was easier...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top Tips

These were on Buzzfeed today under "Top Tips For A Better Life" 


Not sure about this one 
Oh, this one I'm definitely doing...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yet another reason to love Bryan Cranston...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Scenes From A Mall

I don't know what compels me to take photos of ludicrous things everywhere I go, but when I do, those photos eventually find their way to this blog, and then you get to enjoy them, too. 

So... you're welcome.


No, seriously... why?!

Now they're just making shit up...