Sunday, March 29, 2009


This seems like the perfect time to put this up. In case you're wondering, it's a metal piggy bank I took a photo of in the East Village, and it's hilarious. So laugh.


Yesterday, Teeny and I were making fun of people who put up stupid status updates on facebook like "I'm so tired" or "I just ate lunch" and I realized that if I were to update my status right now it would say "I'm so tired." -- so I'm not going to do it.
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Square One

You know how every once in awhile you remember an old show you used to watch and you wonder if anyone besides you and your sister watched it? Did anyone watch Square One? This is one of their music videos. They also had segments like Mathman and Mathnet.

This video really explains a lot. Mostly, it explains:
-- Why I still hate math.
-- Why I still love Springsteen.
-- Why I am not married.

Also, Juan Cougar? I laughed out loud seeing that again.

Also, I would like to further confess that I am in the middle of watching the movie Gandhi and paused it to look up Square One.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Christian the Lion

The newest thing making me cry. Make sure you watch the whole thing...

I could probably just keep adding videos about this fella:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Longest game ever

That UConn/Syracuse game the other night? 6 overtimes. 3 overtimes in, I decide that I'm the UConn coach. I'm screaming at the TV, yelling at the players, stomping all over the apartment. Then we get to the 6th overtime (6TH!) and I have the nerve to yell at the UConn players that they're getting sloppy. After 6 overtimes. I get sloppy after 10 minutes of blowdrying my hair.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I always have a shopping list of things I need to buy. This is my list this week:

Ice Cream

Unbelievable. On what planet would this be an acceptable list?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Thoughts on Doogie Howser, M.D. Season 1

I love the episode where the captain of the football team beats Doogie up and then goes to his hospital and asks him to help him with his premature ejaculation problem. You can't make this stuff up. Also, he calls him "Doggie."

Every time Doogie's girlfriend Wanda gets all jealous when he talks to another girl, I can't help but think that maybe he should just put her mind at ease and tell her he's gay.

Doogie wears a Yo MTV Raps T-shirt in a lot of the episodes. When he's not wearing that, he's in pastel or neon. Seriously, what was that kid thinking? Actually, what were any of us thinking in the 80s/early 90s? Most useless fashion decade ever. Slap bracelets and slouchy socks? 'Nuff said.

Why don't more people look surprised as all hell when they find out their surgeon is 16 years old? I'm pretty sure I'd be asking questions.

Vinnie Delpino is both a sleazeball and the greatest friend ever.

I don't remember watching these episodes the first time around. It's probably better this way. I do, however, remember watching the episode where Wanda and Doogie break up. I remember feeling sad for them. I was a sap even at 12 years old. Some things never change.

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One of the cutest things I've seen on SNL in awhile, from a couple weeks ago. Anyone who used to watch Doogie Howser, M.D. will appreciate it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good day to clean out the car

Cleaned out my car today. Most of the things in there stayed. There's a fleece, a jacket, a blanket, two beach chairs, a fire extinguisher and a tool kit. Also, 350 half-full water bottles. Needless to say, most of those went. I also put two more Police Association of Connecticut stickers on the back windshield. I think that brings the total up to 6. So, I can barely see out. I'm sure that's what the police have in mind when they hand those things out.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sweet Child

This is pretty freakin incredible. Just one of the millions of reasons why New York is the best city on the planet:

Filet O Fish

This is the latest commercial that has us cracking up at night. When I'm fast forwarding through DVRd commercials, I will actually rewind to watch this one...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forget about today until tomorrow...

I'm stranded on a desert island and can only watch one video for the rest of my life. This is it.

Woody Allen

You probably have to see the movie to understand, so see the movie. Keep in mind that his funniest lines are usually delivered when another character is talking. You really have to listen to find the gems.

"Oh Jesus, claustrophobia and a dead body. This is a neurotic's jackpot."

"This is the town that never sleeps. This is why we don't live in Duluth. I don't even know where Duluth is, lucky me."

~ Woody Allen as Larry in Manhattan Murder Mystery

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Now I've seen it all

I forgot to post this last night. Saw this in the city. It's an outdoor internet station in a phone booth. I was staring at it and it told me I should take a picture, it would last longer. So I did. Wiseass.

F my life

My new obsession.

Good luck getting any work done now. Or ever again.

Us on Fallon

Go right to 2 mins 55 sec left to see Teeny's 15 minutes of fame as Esther Thomas! I'm on her left with my winter tan. Bloomberg is on my left as Mayor Bloomberg.

Or you can watch it on hulu full screen:

Can we talk about Nip/Tuck?

Besides me, who watches this show? And why are we watching it? I'm addicted to it, and I know it's awful. It's just like Swingtown!

My prediction after last night is that Christian Troy will go back to his bed-hopping ways and Liz will fight for custody of Wilbur. There will be something about Kimber, because all of the sudden she's back and VERY tan.

Also, the crazy anesthesiologist lady will attempt to kill Sean. Big surprise. Does this crap actually happen anywhere? I think 11 people have attempted to kill Sean. I don't get it. He's a nice enough guy. Sean should be in the Witness Protection Program... not in LA doing plastic surgery.

Also, I'm sick of the "Liz Is Ugly" storyline. It makes me sad every week and I want to put a high heel spike into Christian Troy's heart. But then I also want to hug him because he's wounded. I need professional help.

Also, remember when Christian and Sean killed someone in Season One and no one found the body? Bring that back in. It's time. I love when shows do something like that and then totally forget about it. I don't even remember who the guy was but Christian and Sean killed him and buried him in the middle of nowhere. This is the same show where Sean got stabbed in the back with a huge knife 100 times and now he's totally fine, like nothing happened.

What ever happened to Leave It To Beaver and Lassie?

I blame it all on Elvis's hips. Just... the whole downfall of America... on those hips.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have never seen it so empty! It's freezing here!

Going to Jimmy Fallon

Yay! Going to Jimmy Fallon tonight. Guests are Tina Fey, Jon Bon Jovi and someone I've never heard of. It's freezing and I'll be walking from GCT to 30 Rock in a couple hours. Wish me luck! PS - The camera loves me. Set your DVRs :)

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Slow Jam the News


Monday, March 2, 2009

Top 10 Overused Lines on American Idol

10. You could sing the phone book.
9. Dawg
8. I want to hear your range.
7. Wrong song choice.
6. Please don't sing Whitney Houston.
5. You sound like a wedding singer/cruise ship singer/karaoke singer/lounge singer.
4. You can sing the Alphabet song.
3. Dude, it was da bomb!
2. Pitchy/Dreadful/Horrendous/Awful
1. You're standing in your truth.

(Please feel free to add your own. I know I'm forgetting a hundred or so.)