Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So I have Achilles Tendonitis (or something equally as ridiculous.) I was totally fine this morning and arrived at the Travelers Championship ready to assist the players. A couple of hours into working on the driving range, my Achilles tendon and lower calf were on fire.

I went to the First Aid area and got the thing wrapped up. Also got 3 Ibuprofen. The end of my session with the doctor went like this:

Doctor: "You should really try to wear high tops from now on."

Me: "Really? Like, as in, 1985 high tops?"

Doctor: "Ha ha. Something like that."

Me: "I already have braces. Now you want me to wear high tops, too? What's next... slap bracelets?

Doctor: "Well, if you don't wear high tops you may wind up with a ruptured tendon."

Me: "I'll take my chances."

I really am my own worst enemy.

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jake said...

At least you're all set for Halloween this year. =)

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