Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Zach Anner Thanks The Internet

This is pretty much my new favorite person in the entire world...

"Zach Anner Thanks The Internet:

Over-weekend internet sensation Zach Anner put this video out in response to the outpouring of support from 4chan, Reddit, and the rest of the internet, who have given him a staggering lead in Oprah’s Your Own Show contest.

Zach’s Audition Tape"


ARMY_VET said...

Every ones knows that 4chan and reddit set this bullshit up. You can‘t bullshit a bullshita. Zach votes were rig after he was not call back after the contest in Dallas. Zach comes home sad because no one from Oprah call him back. Ok then 4chan and riddict get involved with Zach online video. Zach had 4800 votes a Saturday nite not even in the top 100 video and jump to 2mills overnite. Guess who help 4chan and riddit. Then John Myers jumps on the band wagon. Ok a couple of weeks later Zach all over the fake internet news from riddict and 4chan. A week later people were not voting a lot for Zach and his lead he was losing, So Riddit and 4chan put out that the voting were rig and blame Oprah of being prejudice so everyone would come to his aide with a lot of votes. I seen this from the beginning and a lot of people have also. ZACH WOULD HAVE DONE BETTER ON THE CARTOON NETWORK BECAUSE ALL I SEE IS YOU

ARMY_VET said...

• How dare Zach and his supporters accuse Oprah of rigging votes and Dr. Phyllis of cheating, when in fact it was ZACH WHO JUMPED FROM 4,000, yes four THOUSAND votes to over 2 (Two) MILLION votes in a matter of hours???????? There’s evidence on 4chan and riddict , facepunch.com of their cheating by using macros and autovoting software. These IDIOTS are pretty scary, evil and FREAKING STUPID!!! A lot of people are now aware how these idiots are spreading totally false rumors about Oprah hating the disabled and posting totally racists comments on her and Dr. Phyllis. These idiots need to GROW UP and GET A LIFE. They infiltrate Dr. Phyllis’ voting page and post hateful and demeaning comments all day long. They have also posted her address, phone number and email for people to start harassing her. COWARDS! Bullying is an act of cowardice and cyber bullying is even worse. COWARDS!! Show your stupid faces and state your freaking names and tell Oprah in her face what you think, instead of hiding behind your computers. COWARDS! Get a freaking life and STOP LYING!

Jennifer said...

I had no idea all of that was going on. Weird.

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