Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dr. Mom

This is how awesome my mom is: I have been really sick for awhile now. Finally found out that I have an acute mono infection (which is what my mom said I had in the first place and two other doctors didn't see.) I have been trying to go in to work but some days it proves to be too difficult. I had to call out today to work from home and was just thinking about how I'm out of bottled water and how I'm going to run out of tissues before the end of the day. Then I remembered that my mom left a huge pack of bottled waters in the trunk of my car when I was home last. I went down to my car, opened my trunk and grabbed the water. As I was closing the trunk, I saw a huge box of tissues, which my mom ALSO put in my trunk for me. How could she have known?!

In any case, it took all of my energy to make that trip downstairs and back, and if you know me, you know that's not me.

I'm following mom's orders from now on. I wish she could be my primary care physician.


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