Friday, March 22, 2013

Used Bookstore Trip

Jenn and I went to a used bookstore on Wednesday. These are the ridiculous books I found (but did not buy):

Have we just run out of things to fight about at this point?

Why? I have never seen anyone on a soap opera cooking anything ever.

Don't we already have ENOUGH dummies in the dating pool? Now we're encouraging them?!

Well, you know what, you're not what I expected either! LOL

In my experience, it's really just 1.) Wait until they're doing something ridiculous 2.) Point 3.) Shoot.

Apparently, we're all just messing up our lives at all times. This is not news to me.

This one gives me the heebie jeebies.

I like the guy in the middle... the only black bear. I like his expression. He just looks like a cool dude. And I like cool dudes. Also, I think he's wearing a dress, so he might not be a dude. Or, maybe he is. I'm not here to judge. 


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