Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another Day Down!

Had a great day at home with mom and a great evening at the track with Erin and Molly and a great night in watching Oreo act like a little punk on Dogs In The City with the family.

A weird, yet beautiful sky at the track tonight
Here are the best quotes of the day:

Me: "I'm reading a great book. I'm trying to read more. I decided I was just sick of staring at my iPad."
Erin: "Are you reading it on your iPad."
Me: "I'm reading it on my iPad."
(and I didn't even realize how this sounded until Erin started laughing.)

Me: "Wait until I make you my salsa beef nachos."
Mom: "Are nachos the ones that stand up?"
Me: "Those are tacos."

Dad: "Did you ever go to that PJ Changs?"
Erin: "PF Changs."
Dad: "Oh, I thought you had to wear your pajamas there."

Here's a photo of my mom. As she's smiling for this picture, she's asking me through clenched teeth if she can throw Snoopy away. I say no and I have since rescued him from her death grip.

Erin and Molly at the track
Until tomorrow...


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