Saturday, June 9, 2012

Juicing - The End!

So... juicing is... not fun at all. Therefore, I'm stopping the fast. I am going to continue to make the juice and am definitely going to eat a lot healthier (more PLANTS!) but juicing for every meal is for the birds. It's too cold! Starting tomorrow, I'm lacing up the running shoes again. I'm better with goals where I actually feel as if I'm actively working toward something. Whether that's good or bad, it's me, and I have to honor goals that are in alignment with who I am and forget goals that aren't in alignment with who I am. So, tonight, I did not have a juice for dinner. I had a spinach and cucumber salad, which is WAY better than the crap I usually eat, so I am still proud of myself :) I'm going to have fun finding healthy recipes and changing my life in a meaningful way through a better diet and more walking/running! At this time last year, I was walking/running my butt off, so let the games begin again :)


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