Saturday, October 13, 2012


I can't believe it's been a month and a half since I updated this blog. I need to move this thing over to Wordpress so I will update it more. This is a good weekend. It's a good month, really. My birthday was on the 1st, I had a great night last night with Jenn and my new friends Rachael and Renee, first at a Mexican restaurant and then at a couple of great bars. Tonight, I'm hanging out with Gretchen (who I haven't seen in MONTHS, but who's counting?!) and Jenn again.

Tomorrow, ADAM!!!!!!! I haven't spent quality time with my friend Adam in far too long. We're going to do some fall foliage stuff like we're New England tourists. Jenn may join us for that, too.

Next weekend, it's on to Salem, MA with Jenn, Renee and Rachael where we will most likely be burned at the stake, because all of us are just the kinds of girls they would have burned, or drowned, or at least duct taped our mouths shut... maybe all three. I like that about us. Quiet girls are mostly useless. I like my loud vixens.

A few days after that, it's SPRINGSTEEN again with my family and my best bud, Paul. I wonder if I'll get to hold his hand again? Springsteen's... not Paul's. I can always hold Paul's hand.

All things considered, I'm feeling pretty lucky this October :) Let's hope this lucky streak continues right into a great new job and a great new apartment!


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