Thursday, June 20, 2013

5 Things From The Internet - Thursday Edition

1. I remember writing once that Woody Allen made me nervous, and that I loved that about him. That's how I feel about Erik Charles Nielsen. I can't help but laugh! I legitimately laughed out loud three times while watching this. I love this guy! From one English major to another... bravo, buddy!

2. I tried so hard to pick only one of these photos, but I couldn't do it. 51 Animal Pictures You Need To See Before You Die -- Look at all of them -- because no one does lists better than BuzzFeed. No one.

3. Watch Russell Brand dominate (and I do mean DOMINATE) on Morning Joe:

4. This is an accurate quote about my favorite TV drama, Breaking Bad, which returns August 11th for its final 8 episodes: "No series has ever snatched a character away from an audience that loved him and then made that character so irredeemable. None." - Salon's Blue Glow Awards

5. Today, especially, I REALLY need to believe that this Freddie Mercury story actually happened:

You can't read that and then NOT listen to the song again. It's against the rules... of music:
Queen - The Show Must Go On


Erik Charles Nielsen said...

Thanks! (The funny thing is that when I was starting out -- and weirdly enough, almost all these jokes are from when I was starting out -- I was definitely heavily influenced by Woody Allen. In fact, I was worried that I was derivative of him until I saw a tape and realized that I was shouting a lot.)

Jennifer said...

Dear ECN,

We're buddies now... I feel like I can call you ECN :)

You are AWESOME for commenting! I'm a big fan and will continue to spread the word about your comedy!!!!

<3, Jenny C

Queen/Community fan said...

The Freddie story is sort of true but even more special is listening to A Winter's Tale and Mother Love; those are the last two songs Freddie recorded, six months before his passing.

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