Friday, June 21, 2013

Ridiculousness on Dating Sites

I remember reading a guy's profile on a dating site awhile back and he wrote, "I do not like sitcoms." This was years ago. It still bothers me. How is this even possible? Did this man not grow up watching The Cosby Show and The Jeffersons and then transition into Friends and Seinfeld and gradually come to appreciate Community and Arrested Development?

Maybe I'll start using this blog to expose the ridiculous things people say on dating sites. I won't name names. That would be cruel. But, I feel as if the general public deserves to know that there are people out there who HATE LAUGHTER. 

My gut reaction to that guy's profile was to BLOCK him... that's how strongly I feel about laughing in general. Even (especially) when the chips are down, what is more important than humor? Water? Maybe. But I know I can't live without laughter. It's just about the only constant in my life at this point. Love has come and gone, but laughter remains. 

The day I stop laughing is the day I know I've truly given up. If I ever write, "I do not like sitcoms" on my dating profile, just ship me off to Siberia, because I'm done.


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