Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympics 8.8.08

My dad loves the Olympics. This morning he said he's "not so much an Opening Ceremonies person" but he loves the games. I can tolerate the games, but I'm not that into them. Mom doesn't know how she feels about the Olympics. She needs to think about it. She just said, "They have a lot of dragons over there, right?" And she hears the food is horrible. We have a reporter friend that's over there and she's been sick since she got there weeks ago. Poor thing. What sport should I be watching? I do like that Phelps kid :)


jake said...

My cousin said the same thing about the food when she went there on business. I imagine there has got to be food somewhere in tune with our taste buds.

I imagine I'll pay attention to Phelps quest for most decorated athlete. And catch a few soccer matches. The gymnastics aren't so bad, but they really cram the coverage down your throat.

Jennifer said...

Not to mention, it's on for 17 days!!! That's, like, a month! Or 17 days :)

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