Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random quotes from Grateful Dead night at a bar downstairs

Kara: "The Barcelona sign has a bull and a bull guy."
Jen: "A matador?"
Kara: "Yes."

Kara: "Meanwhile, the Grateful Dead is trying to drive me crazy."

Kara, hands folded in lap: "How do you rent videos these days?"

Kara: "Maybe people will start liking us as characters."

Jen: "You know me. Three in, three out."
Kara: "Just like your dates."

Jen: "Who's the mean person in Inspector Gadget?"
Kara: "I remember Penny. Gargamoyl?"
Jen: "Gargamel?"
Kara: "I know, that's the Smurfs. I know what a gargamoyl is."
Jen: "No, you know what a gargoyle is."


jake said...

Please tell me you figured out who was the bad guy from Inspector Gadget (Dr. Claw). ;-)

Jennifer said...

THANK YOU! I don't think we ever DID figure it out!

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