Friday, August 15, 2008

Silent Raves

I just read about "silent raves" and now my head is spinning around. No music. You bring your own iPod and dance around in a room full of other people wearing their own iPods. Isn't that basically just the streets of New York, but even more crowded, annoying and awkward? Who comes up with this stuff, and why am I not making money off of my stupid ideas too?


Anonymous said...

I was at a silent rave in washington sq park. some of them are more than just "bring an ipod" with some you have to download the songs they are playing, so that everyone is dancing in time.
others like the one in the this link:;Silent_Rave_New_York
You just bring your own tracks.

they are very fun.

If you like stuff like that look at
they do all sorts of fun stuff and you can join in.


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