Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can we talk about Swingtown?

There's this little show my roommate and I have fallen in love with - Swingtown.

We were initially intrigued by the idea of Grant Show wearing a mustache and acting in a show billed as "a show about swingers." I remember Kara calling me from one of her social events and saying, "Can you Tivo this new show that's coming on tonight? Swingtown?" So I did, and forgot about it.

A few days later, Kara wanted to watch it, so I saddled up. We watched in horror at probably the worst show in history. Throughout the entire show, we cracked jokes about the cheesy sexual references, the obvious soundtrack, the terrible acting, the list goes on and on. And yet, when the show ended, I found myself setting up the Tivo to record it every week. Embarrassing.

Each week, we are glued to the TV for this show and this show only. Suddenly, it's not just a show about swingers (although it is that, too.) Now it's also a show about females rising above things, female friendship and activism. The music has gotten better, and (last but not least) they're playing Dylan songs :)

We will continue to watch Grant Show and his mustache, and all you Swingtown haters should give it a chance. We hate it and watch it weekly. It is somehow the best and worst show on TV... all at the same time.


Mike said...

I grew up back then and what I really want to know is where were all these people when I was actually living in the 70's?

Jennifer said...

Well, I'm not sure where they were then, but I'm pretty sure I've dated a few closet ones. Strike that. Definitely sure.

Jennifer said...

This can't be good:

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