Monday, July 21, 2008


So I took my mom to the dermatologist today and was forced to sit in a waiting room with idiots. I hate listening to idiots. There's an older woman in the room and one of her former students and her mother come in and they all start chatting. Here's the part that boiled my blood:

Teacher: "I haven't volunteered with the MCC in a few years. The last time I was there I had to deal with a class that had 9 ADHD kids in it and I was like, "I thought these were supposed to be higher level kids and these were more like kids that parents wanted to get out of their hair for a few hours.""
It was all I could do to hold my tongue, because I have ADHD and I could probably buy and sell this woman a few times over. Just sayin. Do we really live in a world where people still believe ADHD kids are hopeless and "lower level?"
Ignorance is a disease. Be careful not to catch it. I've heard it's contagious, so you should also be careful who you listen to... and what you choose to buy into.
I should have thrown a haymaker at that lady. Probably would have made my day.
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Anonymous said...

Let's all be thankful that it was you and not me, because I would not have been able to hold back. Ok new rule, there should be no talking in any waiting room ever. I would have said something and your mom would then tell me that she could have had a gun.

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