Friday, July 18, 2008

Krysia's birthday

We're celebrating Krysia's birthday tonight. I was just remembering her 21st birthday celebration. We were so different then. She's turning 29 next week and we're still together, still "in love." :) It's times like these I truly marvel at the bond of female friendship. While Amy is my longest friend (29 years and counting...) Krysia is still my closest friend from my college days. She has known me and watched me evolve and change (sometimes in bad ways, sometimes in good.) The girl has loved me through all of it. She listens like nobody's business, and she remembers everything. She is truly one of the "good ones." Maybe the best one.

Happy birthday to my little cupcake. Here's to the next 29 years... Maybe you'll go out on a limb and have a cocktail tonight. Here's hoping :)


Anonymous said...

That touched my heart. THANK YOU to my best girl. You are my ray of sunlight everyday. Cheers to being heterosexual life partners! I love you. Always.

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