Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cell Phone Parking

Do airports have to be so confusing? Right now I'm in a parking lot labeled "Cell Phone Parking." I'm not quite sure I'm allowed here. Maybe I was supposed to place my blackberry in one of the parking lots and move along? I consider myself to be a bright person, and of course I'm kidding, but I can't help but wonder how many people were confused by the sign on this parking lot. Already I've had to beep my horn at a driver who was about to back into a concrete garbage can at warp speed. Since I'm in New York, he heard my beep, threw up his hands and got out of his car filled with piss and vinegar. I was ready. He was just about to start yelling at me when I hit him with, "I know, you must be very upset. You should get really angry. Can you imagine how much angrier you would have been if you had a concrete garbage can hanging on your bumper?" Needless to say, his attitude is gone and it's been replaced by his impression of "sheepish."

Let's see... I'm also being stared at by the other drivers, but I'm pretty sure that's because I'm almost 30 and I'm wearing a little polka-dotted dress that's too small and embarrassing.

Kids, don't act like this.

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Anonymous said...

"Is there anybody really alive out there?" You. Keep rocking that tamborine and making me laugh. Glad to see you enjoying life - wouldn't expect anything else.

PS - I hate lightening.

jake said...

But Isaac, lightening is so pretty... unless I'm playing frisbee.

I can't believe you didn't start this earlier. Your blog is kicking butt. *two thumbs up*

Jennifer said...

Aww... I love you guys! Great comments :)

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