Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Swingtown is moving to Fridays and we're lame for watching the things we watch

This just in: Swingtown is moving to Fridays. Kara and I were pretty surprised to learn that our genius DVR knew about this before we did. They say Fridays are where shows go to die. Say a little prayer for Swingtown. Swingers need love too.

In other news, Kara and I received a call on our house phone today. This doesn't normally happen, but we're both getting nervous about cell phone cancer, so we're starting to change our ways. We were sitting on the couch watching a Cosby Show rerun when the phone started to ring, which was already confusing enough, because it never does... and I happened to look up at the TV and the call was being announced on the screen. Is this really a feature we need? I would think the shrill, high-pitched ringing coming from the kitchen area would be enough to clue us in to an incoming call. Now the cable company is all kinds of up in our business. Not only do they interrupt our show to tell us the phone is ringing, but now I feel like they know we were the lame girls watching the Cosby reruns.

For a split second, I thought our TV was calling us. I found myself wondering if we would have to answer for watching Cosby reruns. Imagine that conversation?

Me: "Hello?"
Cable company: "Hello ma'am. This is your phone company/ internet provider/ cable company and we noticed that you are watching Cosby reruns on the couch when much cooler people are out on the town or watching cooler shows, like Living Lohan. What gives?"
Me: "Umm... we like the Cosbys? We think they're a funny and wonderful all-American family?"
Cable company: "Ma'am, just try to be cooler, okay? We're not messing around here. This is pretty lame."
Me: "Okay, we'll try."

You know what? I don't have to justify my Cosby love to anyone. Screw you Cablevision!

God, I really do live in my own little world.


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